Hi!! This is me, María, a language lover and the person behind your translations.

No agency but a translator working solely for you.

Native Spanish speaker, born on the Southeast of Spain, where I lived for 23 years, I have always been in contact with people from other cultures ever since I was a child.

After completing my BA in Translation, I moved to live to the North of France, where I had the great opportunity of better learning the French language and culture and, back in Spain, I settled down in beautiful Barcelona, where I have been living for the last 16 years, getting a near-native language competence in Catalan too and getting a deep knowledge of the Catalan lifestyle and culture.

Languages I work with

I am fully qualified to work in the following languages: English, French, Spanish and Catalan

I am also a Sworn Translator

I am on the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ list for Public Service Interpreters (No. 2499) thus entitled to interpret in court.

Background in education

My background includes a 3-year-period working at the airports of both Barcelona and Madrid and a 10-year period working as a teacher and Head of the Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Department in a public secondary school in Catalonia.

Because being a linguist is not enough, I am committed to permanent personal and professional improvement and I never stop learning, what has led me to complete a Master’s Degree in Spanish as a second or other language to achieve an even deeper knowledge of my mother tongue and getting a mark of 10 in my Master’s Final Project (MFP) on the subject of Learning lexical items through the urban linguistic landscape.

For me, translation is a craft work and every translation is unique. Everything I do in life has the print of my passion and you can be sure to also find it in my translations.